Experience as a Contractor

  • List of Ongoing Projects
  • List of Completed Projects

The below list of projects is representative list of projects and shows the variety of jobs done. This is not the entire list of projects.

v      List of Ongoing Projects

S.No Start Date Completion Date Customer Name Type of Services
1 May 2010 Sep 2010 ABB Installation Supervision, Testing & Commissioning of ABB RTU 560 & Transducers in Riyadh for 3 Substations.
2 Jan 2010 Dec 2010 ABB Installation of ABB RTU 560, FOX 515, DPLC & NSD Equipment for New Nameera North Project in Tihama.
3 May 2010 Oct 2010 ABB Fabrication & Installation of Chequer Plates in Southern region for 102 Substations.
4 May 2010 Aug 2010 ABB Engineering & Design for Final As Build Files for Scada Equipment in Southern region.

v      List of Completed Projects

S.No Start Date Completion Date Customer Name Type of Services
1 Dec-2009 May-2010 Saudi Oger MR # C680938, Sand Filter Tanks for PNUW
2 Dec-2009 Apr-2010 Saudi Oger MR # C637835, Fabrication & installation of Water storage tanks project 4931-service coverage & installation services
3 Dec-2009 Apr-2010 Saudi Oger MR # C639621, Piping Rack Structure & installation
4 Nov-2009 Feb-2010 Saudi Oger MR # C639404, ECHAF SGB PLANCH & Accs  Coverage Rack
5 Jun-2009 Nov-2009 Saudi Oger MR # C639154, Supply & installation of 6” & 8” pipes for King Abdullah City project
6 Sep-2009 Oct-2009 Saudi Oger MR # C638623, ECHAF SGBPLAQUE DE BASE galvanized, for Princess Noura Univ.
7 Sep-2009 Feb-2010 Saudi Oger MR # C638502, Fabrication & installation of Sand Filter Tanks for King Abdullah City
8 Aug-2009 Dec-2009 Saudi Oger MR # C638626, ECHAF SGBFOURCHE galvanized, project 4931 RCF
9 Apr-2009 Dec-2009 Saudi Oger MR # C638420, Ladders & Gratings with galvanization
10 Jun-2009 Dec-2009 Saudi Oger MR # C638637, Hot rolled Rafter, Per lines, Columns Beams Fabrication &  installation services for King Abdullah City
11 Jan 2009 Dec 2009 ABB Supply of Skilled Technicians in Southern region for the Installation of Scada & Telecom Panels
12 Mar 2009 Jul2009 ABB Supply, Installation & Termination of Medium Voltage 33kv Cable from Switchgear up to PLC Equipment.
13 Mar 2009 Jun 2009 ABB Installation & Commissioning of ABB RTU 560 & Kudmi 380 kv & Shuqaiq 380 kv Substation.
14 Jan 2009 Mar 2009 ABB Fabrication, Supply & Installation of Gantries along with Civil Works.
15 Feb -2005 Dec-2005 Ansaldo Energie Steel Structure for Boiler & Turbines for SWCC power & Desal Project
16 July-2006 Sep-2006 Siporex Silo 50m3 Capacity
17 Mar-2005 Jul-2005 VEOLIA Fabrication & Installation of

Sand Filter Tanks & piping works for SWCC Project

18 Jan-2007 Jun-2007 Siporex Steel Structures Fabrication & Installation work
19 Apr-2008 Feb-2009 Al Rajhi Steel

Al Kharj

Hot-Rolled Mill Machinery & its Spare Parts. Fabrication & installation services
20 Jun-2008 Nov-2008 IBSF 2000m2 Hanger Supply & Installation work
21 Jul 2005 Mar 2006 SADAFCO S.S 316/304 Piping & Tanks Fabrication & Installation Work.