Doc No: MTM/QP/01


This Quality Procedure is our interpretation of the model for ISO 9001:2000, and reflects our approach to all of the clauses of this international standard.

All Controlled copies of the Quality Procedure are assigned a unique copy number. The Quality Procedure and associated procedures ensures that we shall address customer satisfaction through the effective application of this system including those processes that address continuous improvements in our services.

We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and preventing Non Conformity.

QA/QC Process:

  1. Purpose: To outline the method by which QA/QC department at MTM handles its Quality process
  2. Scope: The scope covers the QA/QC process at all MTM works at shop and site field.
  3. Responsibilities:

Manager QA/QC:

  • Developing, Implementation and Maintenance of Quality system in accordance to international standards (ISO, ASME, API etc)
  • Preparation of Departmental Quality Procedure
  • Preparation of quality control procedures and forms
  • Revise and regular updating of quality system and procedure
  • Preparation of Inspection and Test plan
  • Preparation of WPS, PQR and WPQ
  • Planning for Welder qualification and renewal updates
  • Guiding and monitoring for welder tests
  • Reviewing and approving of all Quality records
  • Equipments and instruments timely calibration monitoring
  • Review of day to day inspection activities at factory
  • Review of weekly inspection activities at site field work
  • Planning and assignments for inspection and testing activities with its staff
  • Study and analysis of quality requirement according to customer specifications and international standard
  • Follow up of customer approvals for all Quality documents and updating for customer comments
  • Follow up for customer witness and acceptance of works
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction regards to quality requirement
  • Review of drawings for customer requirements

QA/QC Engineer

  • Implementation and maintenance of Quality system
  • Reviewing and implementation of customer approved quality documents
  • Monitoring and meeting of customer quality requirements
  • Review of construction drawings for completion of specifications
  • Welder qualification renewal and update records
  • NDT arrangement, completion, and follow with third party and update records
  • Conducting Quality system audits
  • Preparation of inspection records
  • Monitoring of inspection and testing activities at factory and site field work
  • Issuing Inspection requests and coordination with customer or third party for inspection and tests as per ITP requirements
  • Technical assistance and guide to all inspection activities
  • Preparation of QA/QC Dossier for completed works
  • Calibration arrangements timely and follow up for receiving and relocate

QC Inspectors

  • Study of Drawings and specifications prior to the inspection and testing
  • Study of approved quality control procedures for appropriate requirements
  • Ensure that drawings at both inspection and production used shall be approved and latest revision
  • Guiding to meet customer quality requirement
  • Physical measurements by visual and dimensional by using suitable instruments
  • Ensuring the measuring and test equipments are calibrated during use
  • Follow the productions for inspection and tests with their requests
  • Inspection and test parameters to be recorded on applicable form and duly signed
  • After inspection release the items if accepted and if any non conformance which shall be noticed and issue NCR for proper action
  • Inform to arrange for customer / Third party representatives for applicable inspection and test witness in advance
  • Ensuring client representative involvement in inspection and test action and acceptance before proceeding to next step
  • Ensure meeting the requirements of international standard and client specification
  • Implementation of Quality system

4.       Records: Retention of QA/QC records for three years

5.       Process: Refer to the flow – diagram below